Message From the President

Happy New Year! This year has been all about giving back.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the concept of ‘seva’ when I met our Board Chair, Kulvir Singh Gill. In various South Asian traditions, seva means ‘selfless service’, and to serve society with humility, compassion and gratitude. While the term or word ‘seva’ is of South Asian origin, the concept – selfless service and giving back – is shared by many faiths and cultures.
It’s an important aspect of life for many from around the world. In fact, without knowing it, I grew up being taught the importance of the concept of seva, and now I try to instill the idea within my family.
As I read through this issue of Partners, seva – or selfless service – was the first word that came to my mind. The stories left me humbled and touched by all of the ways that people demonstrate their selfless service. Our Osler volunteers, for example, are a team of 1,200 strong who give of their time to care for members of this community, and have also rallied to raise funds to equip our hospitals. When it comes to making an impact, Janet and Bryan Dawson wanted to ensure their donation to help seniors would have a ripple effect – this was a driving force behind their gift to the hospital. You will also read about the Cross family. An inspiring family who dedicated their lives to giving back.
As the New Year is now upon us, I’m sure that many of you have made resolutions to get more involved with your community through acts of selfless service. I hope you find this issue as inspiring as I have.

Ken Mayhew
President & CEO