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Manuel J. Clementino

Giving to Peel Memorial is giving back to his community

Manuel J. Clementino Image
Born in the small town of Lomba da Maia, Portugal, Manuel (Manny) Clementino came to Canada with his parents to make a new life in 1969. While learning English at night school, he worked in a variety of industries. Today, Manny is President and CEO of Hallmark Housekeeping Services, a premier janitorial provider to a wide variety of buildings across Canada.
Manny has cultivated deep and loyal ties to his community. He and his family have donated to Osler since 1994, as well as to numerous other health care institutions that provide compassionate and lifesaving care.
“Because I have been fortunate, I feel morally obligated to give back to the community and country that has provided me with great opportunities,” says Manny. “It is our responsibility to support the new Peel Memorial to ensure that it is adequately equipped to serve the growing population.”
Manny knows that community donations are required to fund 100 per cent of Osler’s equipment costs. “Giving, and encouraging others to give what they can, if only a little, will go a long way,” he says. “If you have the opportunity to help, then do it. Making a gift to the hospital provides an opportunity to give back in a way that benefits many others in the future.”