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“I’m the first! Why don’t you be second?”
May 23, 2017

“I’m the first! Why don’t you be second?” Image

Ed Sielmanowicz is the first donor of a Vital Signs Monitor for Etobicoke General's new wing.

When Ed Sielmanowicz was told he would be the first to donate a vital signs monitor for Etobicoke General’s new wing, he was thrilled.

He knew that the monitors play a critical role in patient care.

“These monitors send the patient’s vitals wirelessly to their electronic records, with no delays, interruptions, or transcription mistakes.”

By donating, Ed is giving back to the hospital that provided both he and his mother with amazing care for years. He describes their family physicians, Dr. David Caplan and Dr. David Kendal, as superb doctors who take a holistic approach to medicine; treating the whole person, listening to them and uplifting their spirits. Ed adds, “I’m also giving to honour the memory of my mother, and the compassionate care provided to her by Etobicoke General’s Emergency Department and Respirology Department on the 10th floor.”

When Ed heard of the Heartbeats campaign to fund vital signs monitors, getting involved was an easy decision. “I have witnessed excellent care at Etobicoke General, provided by a dedicated team of brilliant, hardworking professionals, but I also see where things are lacking, and part of that is funding.”

“We’re putting up a new wing, and it needs state-of-the-art equipment. Come on, let’s get this technology into Etobicoke!”

Ed believes we all have a role to play in ensuring our community hospital has the funding it needs to provide the best care for our families. “If we want a good hospital to take care of us with the right facilities and equipment, it is incumbent on us as a community to get on board and support that in whatever way we can.” He hopes others in the community will consider supporting exceptional care at Etobicoke General. As he says, “Come on! Let’s get started!”

Vital signs monitors cost $5,000 each? And Etobicoke General, Brampton Civic and Peel Memorial need more than 500! To help fund a vital signs monitor, visit YouHaveThePower.ca.