Where Your Money Goes

Every gift from every donor is quickly put to work, so that Osler’s hospitals have the equipment, technology and facilities to provide the care you and your loved ones may need, close to home.

In the past year, donors have generously funded a range of equipment, from life signs monitors to lab equipment and more, including:

  • Emergency stretchers – for patients with urgent care requirements.
  • Continuous Ambulatory Delivery Devices (CADD) pain pumps – used to manage severe pain and nausea of patients diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Surgical lights – One of the most critical components in any surgical suite
  • Maternal Newborn OR table – for scheduled caesarian sections and/or emergency situations.
  • Non-invasive ventilator – provides just the right amount of pressure to keep a patient’s airway open so that air can easily come in and out of the lungs when he/she breathes
  • Vital sign monitors – provides accurate and fast readings to evaluate a patient’s health
  • MEDi™ – a two-foot-tall humanoid robot used to comfort young patients.

Thank you for helping Osler to fulfill its mission to provide Innovative health care delivered with compassion.